imagePicture consequences is a circle game in which a group of people cooperatively draw a person or creature. Historically, it was played by European artists commonly called Surrealists, beginning in the early 1920s.

In this process, a figure is drawn in portions, with the paper folded after each portion and passed to the next artist so that they cannot see the earlier portions. At the end, the paper is unfolded and the completed figure is revealed.

All players sit in a circle and start with crayons and a piece of paper which is folded it across into quarters. Flatten it out again and each player privately draws a head of some kind (human, animal or fantastical) in the first quarter, leaving a little bit of neck sticking down into the next quarter.

Players fold over this first quarter so the drawing is covered but the neck is left showing.

The pieces of paper are all passed on to the next player who then adds a torso and arms (or wings or whatever) in the second quarter and then draws the tops of the legs down into the next quarter. Fold the paper so the rest of the drawing is hidden.

Pass the pieces of paper on again and this time legs (but not feet) are drawn in. Fold and pass it on again and finish with the feet in the last quarter.

Fold the whole thing up one last time and pass it along and then each player can unfold one to discover the most amazing, zany creature.

The picture I have posted was created by my daughter and one of my sons. They passed the paper back and forth to each other, covering their eyes when it was the other person’s time to draw. Your child can do this Creative Mindflexor with friends, a playdate, siblings, or even with you. It’s a fun way to explore collaborative imagination.

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