It can be difficult to keep coming up with new ways to help let your kids practice their creativity, so I find it helpful to rely on a theme whenever I can.  And with today being The Oscars, an annual television event where awards are given for excellence of cinematic achievements, it is a perfect theme to play off of. First thing this morning, I told my kids that they were all eligible to create their own movies today and submit them to me for our own family Oscars.

CREATIVITY TIP: With today’s smart phones, it is easier than ever to have kids create their own movies. Doing it on the day of The Oscars, or any of the other movie award shows makes it a little extra fun, but it can be done any day of the year. Because it is a creativity activity, you want to make sure they are stretching their creative minds as far as they can. Let them know that their movie characters can be played by people, but they can also use puppets, dolls, toys, objects, or even drawings. Have them think about what story they want to tell and have them write out a little script to follow. Then you can film it using a video camera or just your smart phone.

You can make it even more fun by following it up with an award show of your own with home-made trophies for best story, most creative story, best actor, best director, best costumes, the options are limitless – as we are well aware, with the length of time the actual Oscars run.

You can even have everyone dress up and walk down the “red carpet”, when they come to your family award show. And you can show the films on your computer before you announce the winners. So, not only are they stretching their creative minds by coming up with their scripts and movies, but they can also have fun creating the award show itself.

This is the puppet show movie that my children put together today that they call, “Jack and His Many Stories”. 

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