A CREATIVITY CRISIS?Children’s creative ability can help them problem solve, innovate, and think outside the box.  Creativity scores used to show an increase with each generation.  However, over the last twenty years that trend has reversed, with K-6th grade showing the most serious decline.  The most likely cause? TV, video games, and increased academic curriculum standards in school – leaving little to no time in the day for creativity.  The demand for creative thinking is growing – to solve complex problems and to drive future economies – yet, according to research, students are even less prepared to lead the innovation of tomorrow.

How RaiseCreativeKidz Can Help

The good news is that all children are born with some degree of creativity and when parents and educators are trained on how to encourage creative-thinking, they can help children preserve their natural inclination to it. Research has shown that creativity can be nourished and taught and that creativity training can have a strong effect. 


  • Guidebook – Filled with research on the importance of thinking creatively, as well as hands-on actionable creativity-training activities, this book will help you work with children to make them better problem-solvers and to think outside-the-box.
  • Workbook – Based on the prominent Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, this Creative Mindflexors® Workbook will help children enhance their creative thought process through fun drawing activities meant to encourage them to push the boundaries of their imagination.
  • Activity Cards – Card series sets of open-ended questions, based on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, that are meant to stimulate children’s creative thinking process.


  • Research – Timely research on this subject, collected and broken down to provide you with the latest insights. Posted on this website and on our Facebook page.
  • Activities – Innovative, actionable ideas posted free on this website for you to use to help nurture children’s innate creativity.
  • Educational Seminars – I am available to do Educational Seminars on Developing Children’s Creative Intelligence for parent groups and educators in the Westchester County, NY or Manhattan area. For rates and availability, contact me at Jackie@RaiseCreativeKidz.com.

Luckily, as parents and educators, there is much we can do to start to turn this creativity crisis around. I hope you find this information useful and I look forward to learning from you as well.

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