Facial EmotionsHere is a Creative Mindflexor called “Emotion Commotion” that you can use in coordination with the post I wrote, Does a “Sad” Cowboy or “Surprised” Princess Show More Creativity? where I discussed how helping your child incorporate emotion into their pretend play can boost their creativity.  Here are some play scenarios you can use with your child. Model the emotional behavior of the character so that your child can use what you are doing as an example of how to incorporate emotion into their imaginative play. Use a couple of these examples and then have your child come up with a few of his/her own. Once they get the idea, they will start to use emotion more freely in their own imaginative play.

  1. A monster is happy that he has a new friend.
  2. A shark is sad because his best friend was taken to an aquarium.
  3. A clown is embarrassed when the crowd doesn’t think he’s funny.
  4. A puppy is angry that the cat took his ball.
  5. A cowboy is scared of the cows.
  6. A baby is confused about what people are saying.
  7. An astronaut is excited about arriving on Mars.
  8. A queen is bored by the court jester.
  9. The witch is disgusted by the smell of her potion.
  10. The ogre feels guilty about eating all the candy.

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