Hearts in CloudsWhy not use these last few weeks of nice weather to join your child in some exercises to spark your child’s creative imagination – and you’ll have fun, too!

  • Lay on the ground with your kids and create a story by using characters that you see in the clouds. If you come up with one you both like, write it down and illustrate it.
  • Take paper and paint to a nearby park. Paint a picture using pinecones, leaves, sticks and anything else you can find. Talk about the results of each tool used.
  • Get a big piece of paper. Butcher paper or poster board works well. Set out some paint on a paper plate and paint a picture. The only catch is you have to use your feet.
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and pretend you are visitors from another planet. Look at the houses and the landscape and the cars.  Talk with your child as if you were both seeing all of these things for the first time. What is interesting about these things? What do you notice? How do you think these “humans” use these things you see.
  • Create a new game using chalk on your driveway or sidewalk. It can be anything – circles to jump into, a path to follow, a game board – anything goes.
  • Pretend you are archeologists. Go out in the back yard and dig up the most interesting rocks you can find. Use a pail to wash them off and talk about the colors and lines you see in them.
  • Try to spot an animal in your yard – chipmunk, squirrel, bird, ant, butterfly – come up with a name for it and make up a story of what you think he’s doing; where he’s going; what is he looking for; why is he in such a hurry?

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