clipart-yawn-sleep-smiley-emoticon-128x128-20da“But, I’m not tired.” Sound familiar? Next time your child utters those words when you declare that it’s bedtime, why not take advantage of the moment by using this bedtime Creative Mindflexor.

Part of encouraging creative thinking is helping children become fluent thinkers. Fluent thinkers have the ability to come up with many different ideas. You can help your child practice their fluent thinking by asking them to respond to questions that have many right answers. Incorporate these questions into the situations the child is experiencing – such as bedtime.

You can use this bedtime Creative Mindflexor™ to build your child’s fluent thinking while they are lying in bed having trouble sleeping.  Have them respond to open-ended questions such as: ask them to think of everything that lights up in the night, all the people who work at night, all the things they’d like to do if they stayed up all night, list all the things a nocturnal animal might be doing during the night.

Instead of just counting sheep, you will be tuckering them out with all that thinking, all while preparing them to be a great idea-generating brainstormer one day.  They might even fall asleep before finishing with their first list of ideas. Even better to make it a bedtime ritual to ensure you get some daily creativity practice in for them.

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