dino“Counterfactual thinking” is the technical term for looking at a situation that has already occurred and asking yourself, “What could have happened if some part of that scenario had been different?”  According to research, thinking about “what might have been” can boost creativity.

A fun Creative Mindflexor is providing “What if” scenarios for your child and letting them describe to you, write a story, draw a picture or even act out what that new scenario would look like.  Some scenarios could be:

What might have happened if :

* Dinosaurs never became extinct and instead became family pets?

* Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, never made it back to Kansas?

* Instead of naming the bald eagle as the national bird of the United States, it had been the turkey?

* Christopher Columbus had been a farmer?

After they have gotten the hang of responding to your scenarios, have them make up a few of their own.

For more fun with this activity, purchase our “Creative Mindflexors” set of cards, from our on-line  store.  They can be used anytime, anywhere to boost your child’s creativity.  Just a few cards a day can make a difference. CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW:


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  1. miativity says:

    Great creativity story starters!

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