Do you remember a time when your child used to have more fun with the box the toy came in, than the toy that came in it?  Here’s a fun Creative Mindflexor that can be used with any age child. Give your child a box, any size, and tell them to think of something creative they can make out of it. Tell them to try to think of something unusual. Provide art supplies you have around the house that they can use to enhance their project. Make sure you’re encouraging. There is no right or wrong answer. Anything they can come up with is praiseworthy. Make sure to point out what you find to be interesting about their end project and let them talk about what inspired them. Then prompt them to use their creation for a moment spent on imaginary play and away from their favorite video game.


1. A play house, fort, or cabin

2. A zhu zhu pet habitat

3. A bed for a pet or doll

4. A race car, train, or spaceship

5. A hideout

6. A time capsule

7. A robot costume

8. A lemonade stand

9. A t.v.

10. A Superhero Batcave

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